Where does Pueblo come from?
Pueblo was created by the Ole Rollag and other veterans of the asset management industry. We are in our early stages of our development and welcome any collaboration and/or suggestions on how to improve.

How does Pueblo work with regulation?
Pueblo is fairly similar to a listing agent or database, but allows people to connect via a platform.

Managers who use the service are not exempt of any country legislation and must use Pueblo for legitimate purposes. Managers using Pueblo should comply with local laws where they decide to market.

What are you doing with my data?
As little as possible. We do need to make sure that the users are who they say they are, so we use the Murano Systems’ resources to do background checks in order to protect the integrity of the service. We are interested in traffic. We measure clicks in bulk and count them. We do not monitor who is visiting who or which investor clicked on which profile.

Do you vet managers and allocators?
Yes. If we know the allocator or the manager, then it is all good. If we don’t, then we need to dig a bit more.

We are not obligated to let everyone into the service and if there is any funny business, we will prohibit use of the service.

Allocators and Managers can bring an account to our attention if there are any irregularities.